Welcome to ENERGYPANGEA.ORG, Center for geopolitical planetary consciousness, thermoeconomics and cyber-archaeology. Energy Pangea is part multigenerational arc of ecological chaos, part synergetic enclave dissection. We use immune-network theory - the interface mediates users connections to each other through its many layers. Via Rapid Information Overlay Technology, indeterminate position, eternal mediation, endless process, permanent process, indeterminate negotiation, cosmological natural selection, networked-sculpture, process based ontology, vital information, translation and opportunity. We use transitional objects and systems theory - luminous, soft, plasmatic, somewhat spherical but likely amorphous from close range, thinking in terms of information rather than just matter, eye-to-eye, so alive, all evolving alongside one another / biological rhythms / energy meridians / gaia Resonance.

- These tendencies deflect the imagination back upon the primal past , we need a detector.