E N E R G Y⋮P A N G E A was created in 2010 as a multi-trajectory accumulator for the development of transmedia, networked & amorphous sculptural systems. We take the collapse of previous structures as an opportunity for unforeseen cognitive, cultural and material shifts geared towards new perspectives on lifestyle, the economy and the planet.

By developing an energy sphere which connects various entities and ideas together, multiple access points allow for channels to flow in and out of the network structure, attaching themselves to sculptural systems and architecting unique materal/immaterial structures.

The Rare Earth Sculpture Project acts within the energypangea.org mainframe and allows for path dependent mediations to unify events held together by each system and the products produced by its research cell - each envisioning alternative and speculative potentials for resource use, interaction and transduction : signified as a base layer actor governing innovation.


Iain Ball, director. energypangea.org