(Rare Earth Sculptures)



Laser cut aluminium, cnc milled polystyrene, bubble wrap, tape, nylon cord, guy-lines, Biolite campstove, Euroforest LTD. biomass, HTC One -v smartphone, RT Arabic Android app


50°57'42.22" N  4°24'27.83" W



:: Imagine a hypewave convergence device founded in Manhattan which actually orchestrates separate bodies that only partially interact with the subsequent binge of a geopolitical substrate, no?


Then imagine what a bioeconomy for Europe might actually look like if it were dependent on zero growth potential, virulent criticism from the RT News Network and denied access to China's Europium flows?




Somehow if this were all lubricated by socially and environmentally conscious teenagers (a double flip) it might make sense. Is this something we can envision collectively? Could we strive for an entire storm system or weather pattern? What about an expansion of climate consciousness in general or how about questions like;


"what are the probability of Europium divisions emanating from Bayan Obo and fusing with consumer debris which restrict flows atypically and increase biodiversity at the same time?"


What would be the result? A Coal Chamber collateral damage machine running on free flow? or maybe a Killswitch Engage emancipation pattern recognition algo which actually works....






Now lets envision Europes future; a potential bioeconomic meltdown or something else, something stranger?


If this were real or if it had some potential territory elevated then we got it covered...








E N E R G Y⋮P A N G E A 2014