(Rare Earth Sculptures) PRASEODYMIUM, 2016.

Intracrine Signal Aggregate, aluminium, steel, vinyl, nylon mesh, Ricoh wg-m1 action camera, HD video, polyethylene, polyethylene membrane, 4:42min audio 








It is not about who you are that defines whether or not you are being saved from this madness so now that you know it, it is time for everyone involved to educate themselves and do their own research. And now, in these new overlapping of realities, in this small forest encircled area near the motorway it is where the ethereal ghost like world of interdimensional beings and craft move through the trees and where monarch operatives and infiltrators position the intracrine signal. Well, it's either this or some ridiculous government hoax. But seriously, listen; it is not.

Throw the blue beam in the waste basket for a moment because, not only am I personally dealing with fake planes; but the journey has expanded into fake birds, lightning bugs, frogs...it is truly unreal. Oh, and let us replace the word fake with frontier.

It is new ground, strange and delicate. I am so thrilled to be here for it.